Pricing for our courses

Tier 1 Courses

These represent the online courses that offers support for local Council Testings generaly known as Knowledge Test or Basic Skills Test, depending on the Council that you are applying with:

Havant, Chichester, Portsmouth, Fareham, Sheffield, South Cambridgeshire, Manchester, Brighton and Hove, Lewes, New Forest and Southampton.

The cost for these courses: £284.oo with extended online tutoring, Course Only £225.oo without online tutoring.

For details over the extended online tutoring please visit our terms of service page.

These are NOT replacing the local official testing for any of these Councils, but just offering support and content that is required in these Knowledge Tests by these Local Authorities.

Tier 2 Courses

These represent courses for which the councils also require to complete the BTEC L2 Certificate, and they are:
Southampton Council and Brighton & Hove Council.

The cost for these courses:
With Tutoring: £195.oo (without BTEC), £399.oo (with BTEC)
Without tutoring: £145.oo (without BTEC), £369.oo (with BTEC)

BTEC L2 Certificate for Taxi and Private Hire Drivers

We also offer as a standalone course for the BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Introduction to the Role of the Professional Taxi & Private Hire Driver. This qualification is required for the Southampton, Brighton and Petersfield councils (plus many others).

The cost for this BTEC QCF L2 course is £285.oo with one testing included.

Retesting for up to three Units cost £65.oo.

Retesting for three to six Units cost £95.oo.

Retesting for six to nine Units cost £115.oo.

*The BTEC Certificate is a mandatory requirement for Southampton, Petersfield or Brighton councils. Price in package benefits you of an extra £30.oo discount for both the BTEC and the basic skills course(KT) discount available for the Course Only version.