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    Private Hire ACADEMY
    Get a taxi driver licence

    BTEC Certification has been withdrawn by Pearson institution at a National level

    This is an exclusive online course!
    All communication will be done through phone or email.
    Benefit of our platform and get ready for your official assessments with your local Council!

    Become taxi or private hire driver in Havant, Portsmouth, Southampton, Fareham, Manchester
    New Forest, Chichester, Brighton, Sheffield, Lewes, Stockport or Cambridge
    Full support for the taxi driver licence test known as the "Knowledge Test"
    24/7 enrollment availability on our online courses for private hire driver
    March 2024

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    Qualify as a taxi or
    private hire driver

    Distance Learning Course
    Extremely rich courses with mock tests containing from 400 questions up to over 2200 for councils like Brighton & Hove

    24/7 flexible and accessible online course + 100's of questions in mock tests
    Well structured online course, maps and full lists for study are included
    Our courses are taking you few clicks closer to your private hire driver licence

Become taxi or private hire driver

  • We are helping our candidates through the entire process of obtaining the taxi and private hire driver licence.
    Our know-how of the licensing process will be at your hands for supporting you to obtain your qualification

  • Developing an intensive training technique, for the last ten years, we can teach you a direct approach to learning the main roads and landmarks of the Council of your interest.
    This advanced online system gives you access to our flexible course.

  • Inside your account you can see the FAQ section describing the licensing process, and the explainer video on the completion method, showing the tracking feature on the percentage over your progress through the theory and mock tests. This course is interactive, dynamic and accessible 24/7.

  • We will provide you with all the necessary material to study for the Knowledge Test.
    Complete digital materials are available online. Sign up now, pay the course fee(from £145 up to £284), and access the theory module to complete the course. For full price list click the arrow

  • The BTEC Level 2 in Introduction to the Role of the Taxi and Private Hire Driver was £285.00.
    After scoring 80% on the mock tests you're ready for the official Edexcel onscreen testing via Pearson's portal in our Authorised Centre.
    BTEC L2 enrollments have now stopped as Pearson has decided to withdraw this QCF and replace it with an NVQ type one

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